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Good quality Wireless Tour Guide System for sales
Good quality Wireless Tour Guide System for sales
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Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : Worldwide
Brands : Yingmi
No. of Employees : 100~200
Year Established : 2007
Export p.c : 30% - 40%

1. Project Consultation

After years of practice and operation, HUMANTEK has a wealth of experience in the field of audio guide. By this experience, we provide a variety of tourist and cultural attractions, large and small museums, art galleries, personal galleries to comply with its conditions and needs of projects and programs;


2. Commentaries Edit

The audio tour is to spread culture through voice, completed the task of guide for visitors. Recorded the explain words into audio guide machine is very different with print the explain text. Therefore, adaptation of the explanation text becomes particularly important. HUMANTEK has a dedicated team with years of experience and are familiar with the habits of the needs of tourists, to provide customers satisfactory service.


3. Language Translation

With the increased openness of countries, rapid economic development and increasing foreign visitors to the national tourism. Language barriers as they understand the problems of the countries, so that they can not deep understanding of the rich national culture, the profound historical background. The audio guide deliver a variety of languages is particularly important to tourists, meanwhile the scenic spots and museums has an effective way to improve their quality of service, fully embodies the ideology of management with international standards.


4. Professinal Recorder

Same as translation work of HUMANTEK, we employ the announcer is authentic mother tongue career announcer. Spanish is definitely recorded by the passionate Spaniard, Italian is certainly not the Irish to interpret. We also use a city accent to interpretation. Imagine: a Beijinger in New York's Empire State Building, by HumanTek audio guide equipment to listen to the Chinese with a Beijing accent to explain, will be how the memorable scene it is.


5. Digital Maker

Humantek has a professional studio partners, their technical skill and professionalism will guarantee a perfect voice quality.


6. Setting Maintenance

HUMANTEK has professional construction team, as well as a variety of technical personnel will ensure that each project according to the quality, quantity, and completed on time. For the maintenance and management of the entire audio guide system, HumanTek will make full support. "Select HumanTek select the quality".


7. Education Training









For the project principal or lease management personnel of spots or venues, the HUMANTEK will provide all kinds of vocational training, including the use of the software, the system of routine maintenance and so on.


8. Business Operation










Audio tour project is a complex and professional project, it has its own characteristics and mode of operation.HUMANTEK provide a variety of business strategy support, such as pre-publicity for planning, design and installation in rental units, the development and management of the rental business, and signage design and installation, etc., you can get help and inspiration from here.



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